«The oil that keeps the engine running!» This is definitely one of the most fitting descriptions of operational interim management deployments. We promptly assume responsibility for all positions in all sectors.

Our many years of wide-ranging experience in the areas of change management and restructuring measures are particularly useful. We only deploy experienced interim management professionals to meet your needs.

Interim Management Human Resources

The term «change management» encompasses all the tasks, measures, and activities that lead to comprehensive, far-reaching, and cross-divisional changes to implement new strategies, structures, systems, processes, and conduct within an organization.

A due diligence review, also known simply as due diligence, describes a risk assessment executed with due care that analyzes strengths and weaknesses. Corporate structure, roles, and internal processes are examined during an HR due diligence review. The focus is placed on questions such as «Who are the key employees?», «What expertise do they contribute?», and «Which tasks do they fulfill?».

Restructuring is a term used in many different ways in the world of business to describe reorganization measures to improve the organizational, economic, or market conditions of a company, or – in a worst-case scenario – to overcome a corporate crisis. Redundancies often go hand in hand with restructuring measures.