by HR Unlimited GmbH HR Unlimited GmbH

The current economic situation presents itself as very volatile and erratic. Whereas in the past there were ups and downs in waves with a certain degree of predictability, today we have a V-shape. As quickly as a downturn came, it can immediately go in the other direction again and the markets recover in the blink of an eye.

Nevertheless, the market situation remains tense in many sectors and it is difficult to plan ahead. This also has a major impact on HR resources. A rapid downturn with a hiring freeze or downsizing is followed in no time by a recovery, and the newly released positions must be filled very quickly.

Accordingly, HR is strongly challenged with regard to recruiting, and often lacks the resources to do so. What helps? The Interim Manager of HR Unlimited with his proven recruiting competence jumps into this gap and can very quickly start filling the vacancies together with the line.

We are experienced HR managers and professional recruiters, who bring a great competence from many industries and all hierarchy levels and can also support your company very quickly and sustainably.

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