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It cannot be denied that in the current situation in companies the psychological problems of employees are increasing. Fear of job loss, more and more restrictions in private life. The pressure is increasing all the time. The sword of Covid Damocles sends his regards. And the next few months and even the coming 2021 do not look rosy.

In the companies, the HR manager is challenged more and more every day. In addition to his daily business activities, he is also involved in supporting managers and employees with the spreading psychological problems. A task that is extremely important and ties up a lot of time and HR resources. Resources, which are actually not available.

This is where the interim managers of HR Unlimited come into play. With their seniority and their long experience in management and coaching topics they are the ideal supporters, take over these tasks with competence, sensitivity and confidence building and help to ensure that employees with their problems receive the necessary support.

In this way, absences and imminent long-term absences can be prevented. And everyone knows that the costs of long-term absences are a heavy burden on companies. The Interim Manager of HR Unlimited helps companies in these important coaching and management tasks.

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