by HR Unlimited GmbH HR Unlimited GmbH

«I will loose 15 kilos» – «I will stop smoking – definitely» – «this year, I will make my first million» – «this year, I will hand in my tax declaration in February» …

The old known resolutions we all take every year. And then the delaying tactics start. Soon it’s February,  then spring starts and we have other priorities.

For this I present an alternative to you: «This year, I will reap trust of my colleagues» – sounds so simple and yet is so difficult! And there is only one way for a sustainable solution: I have to give away something first, of one’s free will and without asking for compensation. You guess it right. I have to give away my trust first, unconditionally and without crossing my fingers at my back.

Who ever asks me now «how» – listen to yourself: how do I gain trust in somebody? It’s what I see and hear, authentic and unvarnished. Then, the trust-plant will start to grow and in December 2020 you will sense and see first results, guaranteed! This is an investment into the future which is worthwhile – you bet!