by HR Unlimited GmbH HR Unlimited GmbH

Sitting at the beach, hiking in the mountains or just leaving your soul wandering at a hammock. You are trying to calm down, however, somehow this seems not to work right … the past few hectical month seem to ‘stick’ to your mind.

How nice would it be you would not have to worry about anything. All your projects would run smoothly, your colleagues would represent you without any additional workload and you could count on it, that after your return, your interdependencies would and your mail-flood would rest at an acceptable level.

For how long did you long for these – planned or unplanned – off-time. The urgently needed recreation period to recharge your batteries? And now? Half of the two weeks are gone in a blink and you have to prepare for return to work.

I am sure, you know these or similar scenarios, countless !

Stay calm, enjoy your well earned vacation and trust that there is somebody who can support you – we are here for you, call us at +41 44 810 23 04 !

Happy vacation !