by HR Unlimited GmbH HR Unlimited GmbH

It’s the classic: Somebody is failing in your HR department. Be it the Head of HR, some HR Unit Leader, a HR Business Partner or somebody on the HR clerk level.

First thought? We cover this internal. Either the CEO or the CFO is taking over on an interim basis from the Head of HR. Or the HR Head takes over the HR Unit Leaders role, the HR Business Partner role etc

Fact is, the additional workload is loaded on top of somebody else’s workload. Somehow the additional tasks and responsibilities will be covered. On one or some’s shoulders. But always by employees who are anyway up to 120% loaded with work. Do you know a firm, who has enough capacity to cover for this kind of fails? Don’t think so.

And what is the price for this? Rising overload of the HR-Teams, lower motivational level and decreasing mood of the employees as well as the danger of additional fails. And last but not least: rising sickness absences.

The solution: The external HR Interim Manager! We from HR-Unlimited are flexible and short term available. Thanks to our sustainable and accepted knowhow we provide quick operational value add, as only a experienced Interim Manager can provide.

Interim Management from HR-Unlimited GmbH; and you know where your head sits !